You heard right…

I went ahead and decided, despite my initial hesitations, to go ahead and start a blog to chronicle my experiences in Japan. I’ve found it considerable difficult to communicate in real time with anyone from home, and those of you who have complained about the lack of information coming from my end have effectively guilted me into starting this blog. However I’m not doing this entirely grudgingly, as I believe this will be something that I will enjoy, and something that might be in a sense therapeutic to some extent (Japanese only wears on one’s mind). Additionally, in my intensive study of a foreign language, I’ve discovered a greater appreciation for the nuances of speech that can effortlessly and concisely be expressed in my native tongue, whereas in Japanese some expressions simply cannot be translated at all, or at the very least require such a maneuvering of various grammar structures to even resemble the initially intended meaning that the strength and value of the expression is lost. Regardless, I’ll apologize in advance for the excessive use of complex english that will no doubt be present in this essay (most likely a result of the pent-up frustrations I’ve had from various instances in which I could not satisfactorily express my thoughts in Japanese). Anyways, I’ll try to keep this updated, read as much as you want as closely as you’d like and if anyone wants any extra details on anything or would like to comment just shoot me a message on Fbook (always nice to know people from home haven’t yet entirely forgotten about my existence). So with that let’s ikimashou!

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